Get An Authority Video Now

How It Works is a service that creates high quality Videos and Once Uploaded to YouTube we create, Video Views, Likes, and add COMMENTS, and then we go and build Quality Backlinks to the Video. All This will help give the Video High Authority within Youtube as well as Google.

Therefore you will benefit more greatly from these videos with More Targeted Traffic and Higher Rankings.

Step 1: Once you have selected your package, you are to provide us a script for the Video, 70 words length approximately. And provide us with Logo and images that you want included in the video. Then we go ahead and create your video of approx 1 min length.

Step 2:  Once video is uploaded to Youtube we will build Video Views, Likes and add Custom Comments that you provide us with to the Video. This will give the video high persevered value and help it get higher in the youtube search engine. Then we build a variety of quality backlinks to the video and help it get more authority and higher rankings in google. By the end of this step you will have a High Quality Video that looks Professional, has Authority and Is getting More Targeted Traffic

Step 3:  We repeat this process on a monthly basis if you stick with our service and help you grow and gain more backlinks and targeted traffic to your videos to help keep them getting more exposure and traffic on a monthly basis